Lydia Croupe at TCEA Tech Notes curated resources from the TCEA 2024 Conference. The presenters from Duncanville ISD showcased how to generate content with generative AI tools and use Canva’s Bulk Create to effeciently create designs:

If you’re not familiar, Canva Bulk Create is a powerful tool that allows users to upload a CSV file containing data like text or images to automatically generate multiple design variations at once.

Teachers can use generative AI tools to create different types of content in a CSV format, including instructional content for classroom posters, tier 2 vocabulary from an article, or a list of questions about a topic. Then, teachers can import this content into Canva’s Bulk Create to design variations using the content.

The combination of generative AI tools and Canva’s Bulk Create can significantly boost productivity, enabling teachers to create consistent yet customized content quickly.