Greg Toppo at The 74 Million talks about how students are using artificial intelligence to create projects that showcase their talents and passions. Two of these students are Vinaya Sharma and Krishiv Thakuria. They are working on different AI projects that aim to make a positive impact on society.

One of the apps that Vinaya Sharma developed is an AI-powered chatbot to handle 911 calls:

The 911 app is still in search of customers, she said, but would be valuable especially in cases where multiple people are calling about the same emergency, such as a car crash. The AI would geolocate the calls and determine if callers were using similar words to describe what they saw. To those who balk at talking to a 911 chatbot, Sharma said the current system in Toronto is often backed up. “It’ll be 100% better than being put on hold and no one assisting you at all.”

Krishiv Thakuria founded which is developing AI-powered learning tools:

The tools let users upload any class materials — study notes, a PDF of a textbook chapter or entire novel or even a teacher’s PowerPoint. From there they can create “an infinite set of practice questions” keyed to the course, Thakuria said. If students get stuck, they can click on an AI tutor customized to the material they uploaded.

One of the great benefits of AI is that it can help people create things faster and easier, even if they don’t know how to code in a specific language. AI can provide people with various tools and resources to turn their ideas into reality, without requiring them to learn complex syntax or logic.