Your Plan, Your Planet is a free, interactive, online tool that can be used to help students learn about sustainability and the kinds of changes they can make to help ensure a healthy planet today and tomorrow. The tool focuses on how we consume food, water, energy, and stuff.

Here are some ways that teachers can use Your Plan, Your Planet in the classroom:

  • Use it as a starting point for a discussion about sustainability. The tool can help students to understand the impact of their everyday choices on the environment. Teachers can then lead a discussion about how students can make changes to their lifestyle to reduce their impact.
  • Use it to assign individual or group projects. Students can use the tool to calculate their environmental impact and then develop a plan to reduce it. Teachers can then assign students to work together on projects to implement their plans.
  • Use it to create a classroom challenge. Teachers can challenge students to see who can reduce their environmental impact the most. This can be a fun and competitive way to get students engaged in sustainability.
  • Use it to connect with local businesses and organizations. Teachers can use the tool to find local businesses and organizations that are working on sustainability projects. Students can then contact these organizations to learn more about their work and how they can get involved.

By using Your Plan, Your Planet, teachers can help students to learn about sustainability and the importance of taking action to protect our planet. The tool can also help students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to make a positive social change.