Angela Watson talked with Monica Burns on the Truth for Teachers podcast about how teachers can use ChatGPT to increase their productivity:

Like, I need to write a reminder email for a field trip and tell parents not to forget this, and I can put that in ChatGPT because I’ve tried that already, you know? And that has worked really well to generate an email. Or, I wrote a sentence and I don’t love how it sounds and I’m going to plug it into an email, but I don’t love this. I might ask ChatGPT to rewrite this sentence in a more friendly way. Or, you know, the same way we use the thesaurus when we’re stuck on a word. We can do that with a whole sentence to paraphrase or rewrite it.

I’ve even used it for resource searches — I made a list for a blog post of tools for video essays that I love. Am I forgetting any? And I put that in ChatGPT and it gave me a couple more ideas and I’m like, yeah, I don’t know about that one. Or ooh, I totally forgot about that one. And then I added it in and I write my own paragraph description.

If you are a teacher who makes videos for your flipped classroom and you just want a quicker way to make video descriptions before you plug it onto YouTube, that’s one great thing. If you want to take something that you’ve written and simplify the vocabulary, maybe differentiate a prompt for a different group of students, so those creative teacher uses that are time-saving.

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