UPDATE: Added new templates from We Are Teachers.

Jamboard is a great digital whiteboard tool that is part of Google’s suite of products in Google Drive. Just like other Google Drive documents like Docs and Slides you can create templates for your students with Jamboard. Over the past few years Google has been adding additional features including adding pictures, shapes, backgrounds, and text that have made Jamboard a fantastic digital whiteboard tool. Here are some resources and templates to help you get started with Jamboard.

Alice Keeler has a variety of handwriting templates as well as a storyboard template for Jamboard.

Betsy Potash on her Spark Creativity podcast interviews Matt Miller on creative uses for Jamboard. They go over ideas including:

Annotation: Take a picture of some text (screenshot or a camera), stick it onto a whiteboard, and then have students mark it up, add text boxes, pull in related pictures as illustrations (or create illustrations to drop in), snap pictures of themselves to drop in and add little speech bubbles next to themselves for their comments, etc.

Top Ten/Five/Three List: Have kids curate a list of pretty much anything, like the top three most dynamic characters from the semester, top three choice reading books in the library, etc. by dropping their answers into shapes on a Jam.

If you are an instructional coach or facilitating professional development Stephanie Affinito some Jamboard templates for creating ice breakers, collaborative thinking, and exit tickets.

Holly Clark created a Wakelet that includes several Jamboard templates you can use with your classes including graphic organizers, ice breakers, and protocols.

NEW Jill Staake on We Are Teachers shares several creative Jamboard templates including:

Handwriting templates: Demonstrate handwriting, then have students take turns copying your work. Get five different handwriting templates from Alice Keeler.

Magnet Letters: are a classic learning toy, so we love this digital version! Grab this activity from Third Grade Doodles.

Sentence Maker: Think of this idea sort of like the ever-popular magnetic poetry. Students choose words and create a sentence, adding correct punctuation. Keep it simple with just a few words for younger students; add more words for older kids. Explore this idea at The TEFL Zone.

Quadradic Equations: Graph quadratic equations on this template. It has several built-in problems, but you can edit and add your own to reuse it multiple times. Get the template for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.