HyperDocs are a great tool that educators can use to create engaging interactive digital documents. Holly Clark has a great blog post explaining what is a HyperDoc and what is not a HyperDoc in her blog post What is a HyperDoc? A Quick Look:

But when I sit down with those same educators to see their “Hyperdoc” it’s almost always the same scenario. What I see is not actually a Hyperdoc but a doc with links … A Hyperdoc is a lesson that is specifically designed to create a student-facing, blended learning experience. Inside of this lesson, students have voice; they are collaborating, creating, communicating and critically thinking their way through the content. It is created to help inspire students’ inquiry and curiosity - driving them to exploration, to find answers to their questions, build the background knowledge and supports the application of their new knowledge in order to show what they know. Teachers create these lessons with their students in mind, scaffolding every step to help meet their learning needs.

Source: What is a HyperDoc? A Quick Look