Ken Burns is well know for many of his well made historical documentaries which include primary source documents, images, and archival video footage. These videos are a great classroom resource because they help to illustrate important moments in history. Educators can now access clips from these documentaries and supplemental resources on the PBS Learning Media website.

On the PBS Learning Media website educators can search for clips from Ken Burns documentaries by era or by film. When you select the era or film that you are interested in you will see segments from the historical documentaries. This makes it easier to show small portions of the documentary at specific points in your lesson.

Each video clip includes support materials which can include facilitators guide, handouts, discussion questions, background reading, and graphic organizers. These resources are available as PDF downloads for educators.

The Ken Burns Collection on the PBS Learning Media website is a great resource for social studies and ELA teacher who are trying to provide primary source materials to give students a better understanding on the themes of that time period.

Photo: borevina / Pixabay