Fun fact: while I always wanted to work in education I thought I would be a social studies teacher instead of an educational technology specialist. To make myself more marketable I become certified as an educational technology specialist. Since there have been more opportunities for positions as an educational technology specialists that is where I have worked. I will always have a soft spot for social studies content and a great resource for finding supplemental resources as well as full lessons is iCivics.

iCivics is a free resource that includes interactive games and curriculum units for social students teachers in middle school and high school. The resources include lesson plans and supplemental resources including readings and worksheets.

The interactive games are engaging but they also require flash which most modern web browsers are starting to disable and don’t work at all on mobile devices.

If you are looking for content to compliment existing lessons or lessons to adapt for your classroom then iCivics is a great free resource.

Photo: geralt / Pixabay