PowerPoint, Google Slides, or other presentation tools make it easy to organize and deliver content to your audience. Educators can keep their audience more engaged during these presentations by embedding interactive activities. Mentimeter is an easy to use tool to create interactive elements for your presentations.

With Mentimeter you can embed activities including multiple choice questions, word clouds, open ended questions, and scale questions into your presentations. Participants respond by going to the the Mentimeter website and entering a short code.

These are easy tools that teachers or professional developers can use with their audience to gather feedback and help direct the conversation in the classroom. Since the participants do not need accounts it is great for quick audience participation during professional development. Also, classroom teachers can use these as quick brainstorming tools during Do Now activities or as an exit ticket to assess student understanding.

To learn more and see some of the other features that are available check out the Mentimeter website.

Photo: KevinKing / Pixabay