Only recently have I been able to really wrap my head around how to use Twitter to curate resources. The constant stream of information can be overwhelming. There are a few strategies I use to organize my followers, search for information, and share content with my followers.

Using Twitter Lists

My go to resource for finding information has always been RSS feeds in Feedly. I can find content chronologically and it links directly to the original blog post. I love how you can organize your feeds in Feedly by topic. Using Twitter Lists you can essentially do the same thing.

Twitter Lists can be private or they can be public. The people you follow can also be in multiple lists. For instance, I have a list called Education and a list called New York State Educators. The NYS Educators are all also on the Education list. When I want to find events or resources that are specific to my region I use the NYS Educators Twitter list. This makes it easier for me to filter information.

Find the Most Popular Articles Using Nuzzel

Nuzzle has changed the way I use Twitter. When you connect your Twitter account to Nuzzle it looks at your followers and shows you the most popular links everyone is sharing. So if everyone is posting the same link to an article you can find that more easily. You can also click on the article to see what everyone is posting about it. When I haven’t been able to check Twitter for a few days this is a great way to catch up on what everyone has been talking about.

Organize and Scheduling Tweets

I tend to check Twitter every couple of days rather than multiple times a day. I may also find content at odd hours or find a couple of things in a row that I want to post. Rather than posting everything at once, I use an app called Buffer to automatically schedule my posts or retweets for me. This helps to not flood feeds of the people who follow me with several posts in a row.

With Buffer you can also schedule posts at a certain time. I find this helpful for Twitter chats. When the moderators posts the questions in advance I can scheduled my responses in Buffer so that they are sent out when the Twitter chat begins.

Twitter is a powerful tool to find and share information with PLN. Twitter lists, Nuzzel, and Buffer help me to curate information and schedule what I share throughout the day.

Photo: Pixabay / Pexels