There are many great instructional activities to increase student engagement when using videos in your classroom. Videos are also a great source of information for research projects. For longer videos it can be difficult to locate information again during multiple viewings. A tool to help search and find specific information in a video is VidReader.

With VidReader you paste the link to your YouTube video and within a few minutes the service provides a transcript of the video. The text in the transcript is hyperlinked so that when you click on sentence you can jump to that part in the video. There is also a search function so you can look for keywords in the transcript.

I found that VidReader works best with videos that have a closed caption file and are in English.


This is a great tool for students to use on longer videos they need to watch multiple times. Rather than scrubbing through the video to find the segment they need students can search or click the text in the transcript to find the part they need.

Source: Free Technology for Teachers

Photo: 200degrees / Pixabay