One of my favorite features in Gmail is undo send. Whether I didn’t add something in my message, include someone on the email, or forget to add an email attachment it always allows me to quickly revise the email and send it again. My school uses Office 365 for our email and Outlook also has an undo send feature which is incredibly useful. Rob Woodgate at How-To Geek explains how to enable the undo send feature in Outlook for Office 365.

One thing to remember is that the undo send feature in Office 365 works by adding a buffer time of 30 seconds before your message is sent. If you sign out, close the tab in your web browser, or turn off your computer the message will not be sent. Instead it will wait in your drafts folder until you sign in again.

Undo send is a great feature to enable to give yourself that extra time to make changes or revisions to a message before it is sent.

Source: How-To Geek

Photo: Pixabay / Pexels