As I have discussed, the use of podcasts in the classroom has continued to rise in popularity during the past few years. Many podcasts offer a transcript which allows students to read along as they listen. NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast includes many episodes that teachers can use in their classroom and they have now started to provide study guides for some of their episodes.

To foster even more learning, we’ve created a series of study guides based on selected episodes of Hidden Brain. These guides are designed to supplement teachers’ existing curricula, and have been tailored to serve a range of different learning levels, from middle school to high school to college. Whether you’re teaching a sixth grade social studies class or an undergraduate seminar in psychology, we hope you’ll find the materials below to be topical and age-appropriate.

The study guides include guiding questions teachers can use as students listen to the podcast and read along to the transcripts. These are great resources to introduce a topic or analyze and evaluate the information in a podcasts after students have learned about the topic.

Source: Larry Ferlazzo; NPR

Photo: Pexels